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Alexa SEO Toolbar

Download ToolbarBrowser & Install this toolbar

This is the Toolbar Browser implementation of the Alexa toolbar. It provides most of the Alexa Toolbar functionality. Please note that this is NOT the official Alexa Toolbar.


The features available in Alexa toolbar:

Install Instructions:

When you load this page and have the Toolbar Browser installed, the Alexa toolbar will automatically appear. Please note that you need to click the SAVE button next to the Toolbar name to add it to your toolbar.

Release Notes:

  • The Alexa Rank features transmit the URL information to Alexa in order to retrieve the ranking data. URL parameters are not stripped as that is the default Alexa Toolbar behaviour. For additional privacy, you can replace the $URL variable with $STATICURL in the code as $STATICURL does not send parameter data.

Download and Install the Alexa ToolbarBrowser