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SEO Toolbar
SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolkit SEO Toolbar
SEO Toolkit SEO Toolbar

Alexa SEO Toolbar
Alexa SEO Toolbar

Firefox Extension SEO Toolbar
Firefox Extension SEO Toolbar

Major benefits of an SEO Toolbar

The features available in SEO Toolbars range from:

  • Search box with the choice of using Google or Yahoo search engine
  • Page Viewer: to view the page the way search engine see it
  • Server Header Checker - Is your site working correctly
  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Popularity Index Rank
  • Links to SEO Forums, such as: webmasterworld, searchenginewatch, highrankings etc...
  • Link to Primary search engines, with choices available from a drop down menu
  • Links to primary Pay Per Click engines, such as Google AdWords, AdSense, Overture/Yahoo etc...
  • Alexa Traffic Rank page with an option to produce a traffic report
  • Link to Wayback Machine's past snapshot of current page
  • Links to other SEO Solutions including a search engine site submission
  • A drop down menu containing links to Keyword Research Tools, including:
    • WordTracker
    • Google Suggestion Tool
    • Yahoo/Overture Suggestion Tool
  • A complete resource of sites if you are into domains, such as a list of registrars, whois lookup sites, domain parking providers and domain aftermarket/auction sites.

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